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Vision In Harmony with Nature: Embracing,
Valuing, and Sustaining Biodiversity
for a Prosperous Tomorrow

Nature and biodiversity are in crisis due to human activities. It's time to steer away from unsustainable societies that degrade nature, towards a sustainable future where nature thrives. A Nature-Positive approach paves the path for harmony with nature and a sustainable tomorrow.
Our vision is to have a society where people and nature nurture each other—a Nature-Positive sustainable developmental society. Here, everyone values biodiversity, enjoys nature's benefits, and proudly chooses actions that allow both nature and society to flourish together.
This is our vision for the future.

What is
Nature Positive?

Nature Positive is a global societal target defined as ‘Halt and Reverse Nature Loss by 2030 on a 2020 baseline, and achieve full recovery by 2050’.

Indicators of Biodiversity ZERO NET LOSS OF NATURE FROM 2020 FULL RECOVERY BY 2050

Our Target


Target 01

Visualize and sustainably
enhance the value of nature

Support initiatives that address biodiversity challenges through the development of observational technologies that provide a highly accurate understanding of the complex state of nature, and scientific valuation methods that visualise the value of nature.


Target 02

Formulate mechanisms to direct
funds towards Nature-Positive

Integrate the value of nature into the economy, fostering a society where nature and human activities thrive and develop together.


Target 03

Develop human resources to
support Nature-Positive society

Fostering societal transformation through the development and education of professionals dedicated to advancing a nature-positive paradigm, while also championing entrepreneurship.